10 July 2009


My loudspeaker was good,but there aren’t sound,now.?
Appear sentence make direct sound device or bad direct sound when playing music.
Computers cann’t play game 3D.
Sentence “not found direct 3d device”, or “this will be slowly” appear when start game.

If you experience problems such as the above, it's good you read this blog to below.because this blog are written based on the authors own experience that difficulty search the Direct 3D.
When first purchased, the computer is complete, both the software and hardware, but because it is exposed to the virus, I forced re-install windows xp .indeed thatvirus was lost, but loudspeaker so couldn’t noise. the previous still good, when start game is always showing the direct expression make 3D Device and sometimes he said "this will be slowly." blow this, "I thought." I went to internet cafe located far away from home bearable. I open google. on the search box included sentence "download direct 3d." for hours at the internet cafĂ© but direct 3d was not found.Finally because mymoney was limited ,the search had ended. What’s wrong? " I think.

Specification at the time the computer is Intel Processor@1.80GHz, 504 MB RAM, Onboard VGA, Onboard Sound also, Hard Disk 80 GB. The next step taken by the author is the completeness of detected hardware Device Manager. on “my computer” right click and select properties then select hardware and click device manager.obvious in device manager, display adapter marked with Ask sense display adapter from the device have not yet or not install.begin at that time there development.
Authors keep in mind that the authors do damage before the damage appear.Author concludes that damage started time program re-installation of windows that I did before. (The first story)
In fact this problem is common on the new computer program installed in your computer windows. in the first computer you are good, your loudspeaker was good, can play 3D games (as all sofwarenya already complete), with the reason you try to install the program windows (eg Windows XP), but out of your computer even have things like above.really, at the time windows installs the program we are required to format the disk: C, so all the files on the disk: C will be deleted.
If the disk: C is not in what format?. The author never do that even going to run the installation process is not well.
Problems such as this also happens on the computer / laptop that was bought new. (Soalnya heard of this problem from friends)
To see the completeness of the computer components, we need to know that directx Diagnostic tool.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool is a media to view important information such as computer systems, direct X Files, Display, Sound, Music, Direct Input Device, Network Provider, and others.
To open the directx Diagnostic tool is very easy, just click:
1.Click Start
3.Type dxdiag.exe
4.Click OK or Press Enter


First page of directx Diagnostic tool is information about the computer system. The most important thing you need to see this page from the system is about:
1.Processor: Viewing capabilities are very important processor for high-capacity game.Semakin a better processor for gaming.
2.Memory RAM (Random Access Memory). The higher the better.
3.DirectX Version: WindowsXP should To Use Direct X 9.0C Directx 9.0c can be downloaded here


When you start the game show "no direct 3d device" direct 3d in this case is the display adapter or the Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator. So that the computer can play a game you just install the Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator with 945G Express Chipset FamilyIntel® Graphics Media Accelerator Direct 3d here

Problems sound, loudspeaker, or the direct sound, can be overcome with installing Realtek Sound device or install the Realtek Sound driver.while there is a problem, but not until the installation process was canceled. Once finished you need for testing the direct sound. To download the direct sound realtek sound device &driver click here

You can download direct music here


For Indonesian People You can download pdf file about download direct3|direct sound|dxdiag.exe
For Indonesian People You can download pdf file about download direct3|direct sound|dxdiag.exe

02 July 2009

For Indonesian People You can download pdf file about download direct3direct sounddxdiag.exe

01 July 2009

You need K-lite Mega codec

You also need k-lite mega codecto open file with extention .flv .3gp .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 etc. Because your computer couldn’t open files like above.

Do you know to full screen videos?
Double click on screen
How to resize it?
Double click on screen too